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MODEL: PA-28-181

The Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II is a four-seat, all-metal, unpressurized, single-engine, piston-powered airplane with low-mounted wings and fixed tricycle landing gear. It was built by Piper Aircraft and designed for flight training. It's flight characteristics and stability make it an outstanding training aircraft. 


Our flight school currently has a fleet of six different Piper Archer II's, they all have the same flight characteristics, engine and procedures. This provides redundancy and gives students more availability while scheduling. As far as avionics are concerned, they are similarly equipped but do provide some choice as to weather of not the student wants the use of GPS navigation.  


  • Crew: one

  • Capacity: three passengers

  • Cabin width: 3 ft 6 in

  • Length: 23 ft 9.6 in

  • Wingspan: 35 ft 

  • Height: 7 ft 3.6 in 

  • Wing area: 170 sq ft

  • Wing loading: 15 lbs per sq ft

  • Power loading: 14.2 lbs per hp

  • Fuel capacity: 50 gal (48 usable)

  • Baggage capacity: 200 lbs

  • Standard empty weight: 1,416 lbs

  • Gross weight: 2,550 lbs

  • Max takeoff weight: 2,550 lbs

  • Powerplant: 1 × Lycoming O-360-A4A (or A4M) 4-cylinder, horizontally opposed, piston engine that is air-cooled and carbureted, producing 180 hp @ 2700rpm. It directly drives a 76 inch, 2 blade Sensenich propeller.


  • Maximum speed: 154 kts 

  • Ave Cruise speed: 110 kts

  • Stall speed: 49 kts

  • Ave Range: 500-600 nm

  • Service ceiling: 13,000

  • Rate of climb: 660 ft/min @ 2550 lbs

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