CFI Academy

Thank you for your interest in joining Fly Quest Aviation as a candidate for our next Certified Flight Instructor Academy. The following is some information on what to expect as-well-as help you prepare so that you are primed for success. 


Each course spans two months in length covering all knowledge areas necessary to be a CFI to include:

   -64 hours of group ground training in a class limited to four-to-six candidates

   -8 hours of one-on-one ground training with the instructor to be utilized anyway you wish

   -Access to a dedicated classroom from 9am to 6pm every day for study/practice

   -Access to our fleet of aircraft (PA-28-181’s, C-172S, Grumman GA7) at block rate pricing

   -Pre-scheduling of aircraft and flight instructor for the first 10 hours of flight training

   -A pre-scheduled check-ride date or assistance with scheduling a check-ride in the case where you are not able to make the scheduled date

*Any additional training needed will be at the rate of $55hr for Instruction & block rate for the applicable airplane rental


CFI Academy Expectations:

Your success is our success. We want you to be confident and well prepared for your check-ride, to ensure this we have set some expectations and prerequisites:

   -THIS IS A FULL TIME COMMITMENT. Success will be dependent on your preparedness, involvement & effort. We highly encourage CFI candidates’ study and practice together outside of course as much as possible.  

   -We are NOT “selling” a CFI check ride or endorsement. That will be earned by each individual.

   -CFI Check-ride endorsement will require:

      1) Recommendation from your primary flight instructor.

      2) A successful mock check-ride with the Chief Instructor.

   -In the event that a Candidate is not ready for the pre-scheduled check ride, FlyQuest will assist with obtaining another date, however in the end it will be dependent on you and the availability of the DPE. 



In our experience, the chance of a candidate's timely success is highly dependent on focusing on the task at hand. Therefore, the following must be complete prior to starting the Academy:

   -FAA eligibility requirements of 14 CFR 61.183

   -Knowledge exams (FOI & FIA) complete

   -Spin endorsement complete (or scheduled in the first week of the course)

   -Possess a fresh, foundational knowledge base and flight proficiency expected of a commercial pilot. This will be satisfied by an initial ground and flight assessment by one of our flight instructors prior to the course start date.

   -Aircraft Checkout (as needed)

   -All required & valid documents (Gov Photo ID, LogBook, Med, Pilot Cert)

   -Course fee paid in full

   -Last but most important, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE ☺