Certificated Flight Instructor


FlyQuest Aviation is pleased to now offer a group initial CFI training course. Take your aviation career to new heights by joining our program and becoming a Certified Flight Instructor!  In this accelerated six week course, you will receive quality ground training, flight training, and all other tools and knowledge required to pass your check ride and become a successful flight instructor. Contact us today to learn more about the program!

Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) Add-on

The Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) allows you to teach instrument rating applicants. This includes both aeronautical ground knowledge as well as flight training. If you’re already a Certified Flight Instructor, this is the best way to build instrument flight proficiency and boost your resume! 

Multi-Engine Flight Instructor (MEI) Add-on

As a Multi Engine Instructor (MEI), you will be able to train students in earning their Mutil-Engine aircraft rating. This valuable rating will allow you to gain more Mutil-Engine hours and experience that many jobs currently require.